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Everybody loves their furry little friends, but nobody loves the stains they leave behind. That’s why Chem-Dry has our Pet Urine Removal Treatment to get rid of those deep stains, as well as remove up to 99.9% of those odors. The reason it’s so difficult to get the scents out is because the urine typically seeps through the carpet, past the fibers, backing, padding, and all the way to the subfloor. What the PURT treatment does is break up those urine crystals in the carpet for good, that way you aren’t dealing with those scents anymore! Call Chem-Dry to take care of your carpets and floors today.

Now here's our favorite fun facts about dogs!

Sensational Smell

Just like in the cartoons, dogs have an amazing sense of smell! Not only is it better than humans, but it is 40x more accurate and they can even sniff out certain medical conditions in humans.

Buoyant Beagles

Some breeds of dogs can be spectacular swimmers. This is where we get the term "doggy paddle" from!

Doggy Dreams

Did you know that dogs dream just like humans? They also are able to recall the dreams throughout their day similar to us. Next time you see your dog wake up unhappy from a nap, try to remember they have nightmares too!

Next time you need a carpet cleaning, call your family at Chem-Dry!